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Dear You

By: -KDK-

We used to be close

We laughed together

We treated each other well

Suddenly, you changed

You got her beside you

I did not mind it

We still could be a friend

But I was wrong, you went further

I was happy that you were happy

I lived my life normally as usual

Until, you put your hands around my shoulders again

I was startled

I was wondering, why I felt that way ever since

I tried to runaway but the situations won’t let me

Until now, I have to see you and meet you

Here, it seems like you have turned into another creature

Seeing those changes, I am crying inside

Hopefully, no one would ever notice that

Recently, I often ask myself

Do I like you?

Do I?

I don’t think so

But, I realize that the half of me is lying

They are lying because they have a strong reason to lie

But, whenever I bump with you that reason becomes weakened

Tonight, I am writing this letter

I am not lying, as least to myself

I admit that

That I have a feeling for you

A special feeling between a lady and a man

But, I know the fact is that it is better if you never realize it

So, I use a mask

A mask that called friend



I am actually a crazy Korean lovers, but I does not mean that I only provide Korean things in my web :)

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