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Ethics: It Starts with You!


Kadek Indrya is the youngest in her family. Currently, she is studying as 7th semester of management student President University and concentrates on Marketing study. As she grew up in Bali and decided to continue her study in Jakarta, she trains herself to become more independent, initiative, and responsible.

During her study in President University, she managed to maintain her GPA and participate several in organizations and events at the same time. Now, she is a part of Management Major Association or commonly known as PUMA Management. The organization trains her to learn more about the organizational culture and working with many people. It does examine her public speaking and solving problem skill, also her critical thinking.

Apart from her organizational life, Kadek and her team has challenged themselves to join external competition and managed to secure a place. As a university student, Kadek likes to experience something new, especially a work that combines strategy and art. She is interested in something like brand management, marketing communication, tourism and art, entertainment, and foreign culture.

On my point of view, I believe that being responsible is very important whenever, wherever, and whatever you do. For me being responsible can bring a domino effect for the other good values in yourself. Could you imagine the world or even our campus filled with many responsible individuals?

Becoming responsible can means “state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone” or “the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization”. There are many character that can be developed from becoming responsible, such as more caring, more willing, more initiative, risk-taking, and many more. If people can be more responsible towards their surroundings, then there is a hope for a better changing in the society.

First of all, I am not a perfect human being who can give a judgment for people, but here I am trying to speak up. As now, I am taking marketing concentration. I need to be responsible for studying marketing-related subject and responsible to convince my parents about my decision. It also works in organization.

As a part of organization, there will be a certain condition where we have to make a decision either with enough or rare information. Therefore, every single decision that you have made is your responsibility. Whether it will bring a positive effect or negative effect. But you still can strive and do the best to make your decision become the best thing that you make. Many people are afraid in decision making, are they afraid of taking responsibilities? The important thing as a part of organization is the art working with the others. Sometimes the decision making involves many individuals. Thus, the risk can be implemented together, because we take some opinions before taking the choice.

However, I find some problems lately. It is about willingness. Do we lack of person who wants to take a responsibility? Without a willingness to create something, there is no one who will responsible for anything and there will be no changes. I do expect everyone will be responsible enough and start doing something that can change their environment. It could be more caring towards the nature, be discipline when putting the rubbish. We can start from a very simple daily activities.

Also, as I said before that I am not perfect it means that I also have done some mistakes. But, if it is related with my duties and my parents, I am pretty sure that I will do my best. Because my duties will bring impact to the others according to how I do my duties. When you made up your choice and being responsible for it, then it will become your duties.




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