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Ethics: Contribution is a Form of Hapiness

This articles is made in partial fulfillment of Business Ethics subject.

In this world, we are not alone. As human being, humans are destined to live with the others. Sometimes, we need each other in this live. That is why, we called as social creature (zoon politicon), we communicate each and depend toward the other.

The other aspect of human being is we have emotion and feeling. Because of that sometimes human are being motivate to help the others because they can put themselves in the others position. It because they have an empathy. If you ever heard someone shouting for a help, you would like to come and help that person.

Back then,  my mother became a Balinese dancing- teacher as her part-time job yet she has her own full-time job. After she worked in the government office, she would take me to the one of the orphanage and a hotel in in my hometown.  Because it was where my mother taught the dance.

I was a child back then.  I did not really understand why would she do all of this, although she had a job. But still she taught the Balinese dance in some places that was quite far from our house. First, we would go to the orphanage. When my mother taught the movements to the orphan children, they enjoyed the lesson. Even during the break they were playing and trying to memorize the movement. Today, I could say ‘how cute they are’. They were still young an innocent and happily dancing with the others, although they had to realize the fact that their parents were none.

When I was child, I thought that my mother took me to these pleases, because she just wanted to teach the dance for me as well. But now, I know that she wanted to show me various kind of environments. She wanted to show that there are many people out there which requires more attention. To sum up, there many people whose life is in unfortunate condition and I should be grateful that I have a comfortable life, physically and emotionally.

During the practice time, my mom also told me to teach the children. Because I was old enough to do so. I really enjoy it. I talked to them, I laughed with them, I learned with them, and I socialized with them. There was no border between us.

On the other place, it was in the hotel. As Bali were known for the culture and tradition, sometimes there were children performers who needs a training and in this hotel my mother took the occupation to train these performers. Sometimes, there are some tourist who joined us.

 Based on what I saw, these children has better live and economic condition than the kids in the orphanage. Even their parents were coming when they performed.  They also got their pocket money as well, because back then my mother and I also made snacks to be sold for the performers. It was really amusing and worthy experience.

However, the similarity between the orphanage kids and the children performers is they both children who need to learn culture. As my mother has ability to teach about Balinese-dancing, she took the job. Although dancing is one of a tiring activity but she did it.

Now, I can understand that helping someone who needs your help and you are able to help them is a form of happiness. You will be more enjoy if you can do something which is your capability. Because every little help that we give to someone who deserved it, means so much to them.

What about us? We may get or do not get something in return directly. But for sure when you contribute to someone’s live, you will get a peaceful live. The best thing for getting a peaceful live you can make someone else also happy and that is what makes you happy emotionally. You get to interact with the others and see them laughing. That is happiness.



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