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Ethical Experience: Appreciation

Business Ethics Article

I know that I am not a perfect student. I have broken many rules and regulation during my school life. I did it on purpose, because sometimes I just feel something is not right. If I feel that way, my reaction is probably ignore the rules. For example, sometimes I disobey the teacher and the lecture. Also sometimes, I go against the rules and regulation from the campus. However, it is not very radical actually. Because I am not a type who really like to do a fatal mistake.

When I was in semester 1, I remembered that I had skipped a class because I want to do the other subject’s assignment. I decided to sacrifice a subject that usually ended earlier.  Back then, I was my mistake. It happened because I made mistakes in my time management, therefore I spent my time for doing something else instead finishing the homework. Therefore, I procrastinated doing my homework.

I realized that it was very unethical action. Because the teacher has allocate their time and willingness to share their knowledge and make us to learn something new. It was just me who made mistake by skipping the class.

That was one of my experience, but as I am getting older. This kind of character is not good to be developed. Apart from my unethical experience, I am trying to improve myself as a better student.

I am trying to do my assignment not by copy and paste, but I would rather use citation and paraphrase the words. This implementation could train me in learning to make a good sentence with the same meaning and at the same time, I appreciate the original writer’s effort to create the books, journal, thesis, and many more. That is why I do not just copy it right away. If I post something but I do not have any idea of the original source, I will mark it as copyright to the right owner. That is my way to appreciate them.

Doing an assignment perfectly is a way to appreciate our teacher or lecture. There are some reasons behind it. Our lecture might want to help us but the only way is giving an assignment. They will be the one who checked and read our assignment no matter how boring it is, to read student’s assignment that does not even meet their expectation. But, the lecture sometimes hold it and keep helping the students. As a student I would like to say thank you and I apologize for the mistake that I have done. I hope that I can be a better person in the future and keep improving. Thank you! I hope that the others would like to share the same thoughts with me.


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