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Is it A GROUP assignment?

This might be experienced with some students in a school or university. So, this might be a classic story that some students might feel during their study. Believe it or not, I am one of them.

As I am pursuing my study outside my hometown, I know exactly that there are many things that should be invested by my parents. A higher tuition fee, a higher living cost, or even they have sacrifice their feelings. As, they did all of these, I feel like I should be responsible enough for them.

I am not clever, but at least I put an effort in doing something. One thing that sometimes makes me down is when we do a group assignment. Usually the purpose of group assignment is as a preparatory stage, because in the working environment we will be worked in a group.

However, to be honest I would like to say that at the time when your team member does not want to contribute in the group, that is the most tiring moment. I cannot just ignore the assignment, because that is very important for me. Eventually, I divided the task, I guide the group, and ask the group to find information on the internet. But, they just simply copy and paste the information and I will end up editing many parts.

The most difficult times is when I have something to do with my organization and my group does not want to cooperate at all. I managed to do it step by step, but still it is very hard. Sometimes, I am wondering, is there anyone who I can rely on when I am falling?
I understand the essence of a group assignment, however if the one is willing to guide the members but the members do  not cooperate well, does the purpose of a group assignment is fulfilled?

There is the role of ethics and mindset here, because it is very hard to change a person mindset. it is not an easy thing to do. Hopefully, a group assignment will be more better, in terms of the rules and regulation.



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