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Ethical Matter in K-Pop Concerts

Frankly speaking I am so into K-Pop culture and I would love to buy their album and attend my favorite group’s concert.

Last year I attended a one concert of my favorite group in BSD, Tangerang City. I was so excited to see their performance. Despite my excitement to see my favorite group, there are several unforgettable experience that was shocking for me.

The fans did not cooperate well with the rules and regulations. They did not put the rubbish in the rubbish bean. So, the venue was not really clean by that time. Furthermore, the building was just established back then and it triggered the reason why the venue was a bit mess, even the trash bin and the tissue in the toilet was not properly attached and there only several plastic trash bin and it was not many.

After the concert was even more surprising for me. I thought that there will be no trash in front of the stage. But, there were many. Many papers, hand banners, and posters were on the floor. After being used in the concert, this property is being left by the fans. Based on what I notice the price is not affordable and even though it is a face of our idol. They should not step on it.

The fact that the fans do not really care about the trash is my concern, because it can affect the image of the artist or even the K-Pop itself. That’s what I am worried the most. I do hope that there will be more people in Indonesia who concerns and notice about this problem, especially in the concert venue.




I am actually a crazy Korean lovers, but I does not mean that I only provide Korean things in my web :)

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