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The Sales Promotion Girl..

On last Friday, My friend and I went to Bekasi to pray. After that we stop on the nearest mall to look around.

Because Christmas will be coming soon, there are many discounts in several stores. Clothes, shoes, beauty and care products, and many more. Thus, there are many sales promotion girl who offered the products in the mall center.

At that time, my friend decided to purchased a beauty products in the beauty and care corner. She decided to go to one of the beauty brand which comes from South Korea, but most of them is coming from South Korea.

I observed the products including the sales promotion girl. She was explaining the product to my friend and I was listening to her. However, I became uncomfortable, just because of one thing. Her expression, she did not seem enthusiast and happy when we visited the store. Then, I started to think in a negative way, ” is it because  we do not purchase that much?”
Because I felt uncomfortable, I  went out from the store and waited for my friend outside the store.

After my friend made her purchase, I managed to go to the other beauty brand store too. I saw the promotion girl was still explaining the products to the other customers and I was waiting by looking around. Not for long, she greeted my friend and me. I mentioned product that I have been wanted.

The differences, when she explained about the product she was very passionate. She even try to make sure the price because there was a discount. She even made me more surprised because when I started to reconsider my decision, she gave me an alternative.
She brought me the refill package which was cheaper and I was ready to purchase it eventually.

I was quite amazed with her because, I rarely found this kind of sales promotion girl these days. And instead of leaving me with my consideration, she gave me the solution of my budget constraints.

As a student, I learned something from that situation which was problem solving and professionalism. Nice job, Miss!



I am actually a crazy Korean lovers, but I does not mean that I only provide Korean things in my web :)

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