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There was a certain time, when your friend asked you to help them finishing their assignment. Because you were the team leader you must lead the others, but there were several members who really need your help while the others just feel unwilling to contribute.

You ended up revising their task, even the worst you fixed their 100% copy and paste work. It was the same with you created their part. The questions started to be raised “Am I wrong? Do I unable to lead them?” Sometimes you blamed yourself because you could not take their potential.

The whole task seemed fine, however you did not empower people. You just protecting their flaws.
But, when you tried to behave firmly, your friends were talking bad about that. They simply said, “You do not want to help us”

I simply give in and just told them to search about some data. At least, I gave them chances to contribute and I asked them to join the practice for the presentation.
That was how I solve my condition.



I am actually a crazy Korean lovers, but I does not mean that I only provide Korean things in my web :)

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