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Romantic Destinations in Bali [Affordable to High-Price]

Happy Valentine Day!
Because it’s valentine day, Anak dari Bali wants to share some information about romantic destinations, that will make you cool in your moment.

Many youngsters and newlyweds spent their holiday and honeymoon in Bali. They often search for romantic place where the can enjoy their moment. So, what are the romantic places in Bali?

  • Dinner in Jimbaran Bay
    Price: Middle (standard)
    The menu starts from IDR 70,000 (main course) and you can enjoy your dinner with sunset view. Mostly, they provide seafood in here.
    But, if you don’t want eat seafood, you can simply go to Jimbaran beach and enjoy the sunset while drinking Coconut-iced drink and eating toasted corn which priced starts from IDR 10,000.
  • El Kabron
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations, el kabron
    Price: Middle (standard) to High
    Located before Uluwatu Temple and it offered a beautiful view for your. They provide Spanish dishes and their price starts between IDR 40,000-100,000. This is a suitable place for hanging out while waiting for the kecak performance in Uluwatu.
  • Blue Point Bay
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations, blue point bay
    The shooting location for  Eat Pray Love and this beach has a wonderful view. It is perfect for the couples and single.
  • Rockbar Jimbaran
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations, rockbar
    Price categorized High
    It is located in Ayana Hotel. But, if you just want to hanging out here, you don’t need to reserved a room in the hotel. The price of the food starts from IDR 70,000 (appetizer or dessert only), approximately you will spent around IDR 200,000 for 2 persons.
    This place has a special view when sunset comes. Also make sure you wear an appropriate clothes in here because this place has a dress-code that you should wear.


  • Pirates Cruise Dinner
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations,pirate cruise
    Price: around IDR 180,000/person
    You can enjoy fire-dance and belly dance performance while eating Indonesia cuisine (buffet). It is worth enough with the price, because with this price you enjoy the situation of having a dinner in a cruise.
  • Bounty Cruise Dinner
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations, bounty cruise
    Price: around IDR 275,000/person
    Anak dari Bali recommends this place if you go with several friends and family.
  • Bali Hai Dinner
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations, bali hai
    Price: around IDR 500,000/person
    Price comes with quality, yea this place provide western cuisine (buffet) and situation. It is perfect for couples, but you have to pay higher.
  • Private Cataraman
    anak dari bali, romantic destinations, private catamaran
    It is better to go to this place in a group of people.It is suitable for private party until midnight. You can reserved a private boat and DJ here, that’s why you need to go here in a group. It will cost around 8 millions for 10 until 12 people.That’s all from Anak dari Bali! I hope that you guys will enjoy your romantic holiday with your couple or even with your friends.But, these are some recommended destinations, you may find the other when you go to Bali 🙂
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Tourism Places in North Bali”The Hidden Beauty”

Welcome back to Bali Inspiration from Anak dari Bali!

In my opinion, it is very common to talk about Kuta and all destinations in southern part of Bali, if you go to Bali. But, Bali has more than that!

If you want to have a peaceful and relaxing holiday, especially if you are a nature lover, you can put northern Bali in your list. Now, we want to share about what are the hidden beauty”, the tourism destinations in North Bali? Here we go!

Pantai Lovina (Lovina Beach)

anak dari bali, bali inspiration

Maybe some of you already heard about this beach. You usually visit white sand beach, but here you will see black sand beach. In addition, in Lovina beach you will discover the beautiful sunset and dolphins around this beach. Therefore, Lovina beach also becomes famous in overseas.
During the summer, usually there is a festival which named “festival lovina” where takes place around Lovina.

Buyan and Tamblingan Lake (The Twin Lake)


With the cool air that is completely surrounded by green mountains, the atmosphere is quiet and comfortable, it is ideal for those who loves tranquility far from the noise of the city . Along the edge of the lake, you will discover many groups of apes. Also, during the highway next to a lake Buyan and if you take a land trip through Denpasar – Singaraja, you have a chance to see these apes. These become the attractiveness of this region as a tourism destination.

Gitgit Waterfall

anak dari bali, bali inspiration

It is located 11 km from Singaraja city, you will find the location if you have a land trip via Bedugul to Denpasar.
This waterfall has a wonderful sight and panorama. Also, you will enjoy the cool air and green sceneries when you are on your way to reach the waterfall. It is a right place to capture your moment.

Taman National Bali Barat (TNBB) or West Bali National Park

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West Bali National Park or Taman National Bali Barat (TNBB), have different kinds of extinct flora and fauna. In addition, some of them are very rare protected by the government. This national park, with an area of ​​19002.89 hectares is located at the west end of the district Buleleng, to achieve the direction to the port of Gilimanuk.

Ari Sanih

anak dari bali, bali inspiration

Yeh Sanih or well known as Air Sanih is a natural bath which is located about 17 km east of Singaraja . In this place, there are two swimming baths in place. One for adults and the other is for children. A few meters to the north is surrounded by the sea is relatively safe for swimming and other water sports activities or just for playing around a black sand beach. Around this object has provided several small inns and restaurants and parking areas as support facilities.

Air Panas Banjar

anak dari bali, bali inspiration

Banjar Hot springs predicted has begun to be addressed and utilized, since the Japanese Occupation in Indonesia. The hot water that contains sulfur was believed to cure skin diseases . Until now, these baths visited by the local citizens and tourists to bathe and swim. The location of this tourist area about 24 km west of the city of Singaraja.

Come and visit North Bali, Buleleng, Singaraja! 🙂

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Hal yang Kamu Harus Tahu Soal Nyepi di Bali

Familiar dengan Nyepi dan Tahun Baru Saka?

Hari Raya Nyepi merupakan Hari Raya umat Hindu yang diselenggarakan setiap Tahun Baru Saka. Di tahun ini, kita akan merayakannya pada tanggal 9 Maret mendatang.

Curious? Di sesi Bali Inspiration ini, anak dari bali akan kasi tahu Hal yang Harus Kamu Tahu Soal Nyepi di Bali!

  1. Apa itu Hari Raya Nyepi?
    Seperti namanya itu berarti “sepi”, “sipeng” yang artinya sepi, hening, senyap.
    Tahun Baru Saka dirayakan oleh umat Hindu dengan sepi dan hening. Tanpa kegaduhan atau aktivitas apapun.
  2. Mengapa Perayaan Tahun Baru itu Sepi?
    Simple statement,”emang begitu adanya”. Dari sudut pandang anak dari bali itu memang sudah kebijakansanaan leluhur kami untuk merayakan Nyepi dengan hening dan fokus kepada aktivitas spiritual, seperti menjernihkan pikiran, introspeksi diri, dsb.
  3. Rangkaian Hari Raya Nyepi apa saja?


    Berasal dari kata Mala=kotoran/leteh dan Asti=membuang/memusnahkan. Ini bertujuan untuk membersihkan kotoran yang ada di badan dan pikiran manusia (Bhuana Alit) dan juga sarana upacara (Bhuana Agung), serta memohon air suci kehidupan bagi kesejahteraan umat manusia.

    Tawur Agung/Tawur Kesanga atau Pengerupukan

    Kalo liat ogoh-ogoh pada diarak di jalan, nah itu dia rangkaian dari hari pengerupukan.
    Dilaksanakan sehari sebelum Nyepi pada Tilem Sasih Kesanga. Tawur kemudian diikuti dengan Pengerupukan. Filosofinya adalah manusia harus menjaga keseimbangan dengan alam. Umat manusia harus memberikan timbal balik kepada lingkungan.
    Biasanya upacara pengerupukan, kami menyebarkan nasi tawur, mengobori rumah, membuat suara gaduh dengan perabot, untuk membersihkan rumah dari kekuatan negatif. Selain itu ada juga arak-arakan ogoh-ogoh sebagai simbolis sifat-sifat raksasa yang nantinya akan dibakar.

    Ngembak Geni
    Sehari setelah Nyepi, kami sudah bisa beraktivitas kembali. Biasanya hari ini diisi dengan mesima krama atau mengunjungi kerabat dan saudara, serta bermaaf-maafan.

  4. Kalo Nyepi ngapain aja?
    Umat Hindu biasa melakukan Catur Brata Penyepian, yaitu
    Amati Geni : tidak menyalakan api, artinya tidak mengobarkan hawa nafsuAmati Karya: Tidak melakukan kegiatan dna berkativitas apapun, hanya fokus pada kegiatan rohani.
    Amati Lelungan: Tidak berpergian. Kami tetap berada di rumah.
    Amati Lelanguan: Tidak bersenang-senang dan berfoya-foya.Oleh karena itu, semua kegiatan dan aktivitas di Bali benar-benar lumpuh pada perayaan Hari Raya Nyepi. Sampai bandara dan pelabuhan juga ditutup. Kendaraan bermotor tidak beroperasi. Ketika malam hari tidak boleh menyalakan lampu. Jadi, ramah lingkungan banget kan? hehe
  5. Apa kalian tidak bosan tidak beraktivitas?
    Balik ke diri kalian lagi, aku pribadi menahan godaan memang susah. Menurut anak dari bali sendiri, Nyepi itu adalah hari yang keren banget? Kenapa? Semua hari raya keren kok! Tapi kapan lagi kalian bisa liat bintang, introspeksi, dan rileks? Setelah selama ini kalian sibuk dengan aktivitas kalian dan kadang lupa dengan kegiatan rohani.
    Selain itu kalian juga berkontribusi untuk earth hours. Kece kan?

Gimana udah terbayang? tertarik untuk ikut nyepi di Bali? Come come! 🙂

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You MUST attend these events in Bali!

Ready to get inspirations from Anak dari Bali?

There are many things that you can do in Bali. Make sure you make your holiday more unforgettable by visiting the art festivals. Here, you can take a picture and learn more about Balinese culture. But, only some event which held annually, so mark up your calendar!

Pesta Kesenian Bali (annually)

Pesta kesenian Bali
This event is an art exhibition which usually held in June or July  (summer holiday in Indonesia). It takes place at Taman Budaya Art Center, Jl. Nusa Indah, Denpasar. You can start to visit this event from 08.00 AM until 10.00 PM. Here you can find Balinese art products, Balinese art performance, culinary, and many more.

  1. Denpasar Festival (annually)

This event usually held in the end of December, and has a strategic purpose to promote about Denpasar city. You will find about cultural product and culinary in this festival. Are you curious? You can visit Patung Catur Muka, Denpasar, where this event usually conducted.

Buleleng Festival (annually)

Buleleng is regency in northern part of Bali. If you are a nature lover or you want to visit different place, I suggest you to visit this regency. This event usually held in August and supported by The Government and The Department of Culture and Tourism of Buleleng. You can find many kinds of art products, culinary, art performance, products from Buleleng’s young entrepreneur, and so on.

Bali Kite Festival (annual)

Prepare your camera and take your best shot. The event which held in July at Padanggalak Beach, Sanur will amuse the tourist with various kites. Even, most of the kites are in gigantic size!

International Bali Kite Festival

It also held in same place with Bali Kite festival, so if you missed Bali Kite Festival. Don’t worry, there are many kite festivals in Bali.

Sanur Village Festival

If you familiar with Sanur Beach, you have to know about this event. This event shows some art performances, culinary, water sport, and friendly environment activities.

That’s all from Bali Inspiration session, I really recommend you to visit these events!