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There was a certain time, when your friend asked you to help them finishing their assignment. Because you were the team leader you must lead the others, but there were several members who really need your help while the others just feel unwilling to contribute.

You ended up revising their task, even the worst you fixed their 100% copy and paste work. It was the same with you created their part. The questions started to be raised “Am I wrong? Do I unable to lead them?” Sometimes you blamed yourself because you could not take their potential.

The whole task seemed fine, however you did not empower people. You just protecting their flaws.
But, when you tried to behave firmly, your friends were talking bad about that. They simply said, “You do not want to help us”

I simply give in and just told them to search about some data. At least, I gave them chances to contribute and I asked them to join the practice for the presentation.
That was how I solve my condition.

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The Sales Promotion Girl..

On last Friday, My friend and I went to Bekasi to pray. After that we stop on the nearest mall to look around.

Because Christmas will be coming soon, there are many discounts in several stores. Clothes, shoes, beauty and care products, and many more. Thus, there are many sales promotion girl who offered the products in the mall center.

At that time, my friend decided to purchased a beauty products in the beauty and care corner. She decided to go to one of the beauty brand which comes from South Korea, but most of them is coming from South Korea.

I observed the products including the sales promotion girl. She was explaining the product to my friend and I was listening to her. However, I became uncomfortable, just because of one thing. Her expression, she did not seem enthusiast and happy when we visited the store. Then, I started to think in a negative way, ” is it because  we do not purchase that much?”
Because I felt uncomfortable, I  went out from the store and waited for my friend outside the store.

After my friend made her purchase, I managed to go to the other beauty brand store too. I saw the promotion girl was still explaining the products to the other customers and I was waiting by looking around. Not for long, she greeted my friend and me. I mentioned product that I have been wanted.

The differences, when she explained about the product she was very passionate. She even try to make sure the price because there was a discount. She even made me more surprised because when I started to reconsider my decision, she gave me an alternative.
She brought me the refill package which was cheaper and I was ready to purchase it eventually.

I was quite amazed with her because, I rarely found this kind of sales promotion girl these days. And instead of leaving me with my consideration, she gave me the solution of my budget constraints.

As a student, I learned something from that situation which was problem solving and professionalism. Nice job, Miss!

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Ethical Matter in K-Pop Concerts

Frankly speaking I am so into K-Pop culture and I would love to buy their album and attend my favorite group’s concert.

Last year I attended a one concert of my favorite group in BSD, Tangerang City. I was so excited to see their performance. Despite my excitement to see my favorite group, there are several unforgettable experience that was shocking for me.

The fans did not cooperate well with the rules and regulations. They did not put the rubbish in the rubbish bean. So, the venue was not really clean by that time. Furthermore, the building was just established back then and it triggered the reason why the venue was a bit mess, even the trash bin and the tissue in the toilet was not properly attached and there only several plastic trash bin and it was not many.

After the concert was even more surprising for me. I thought that there will be no trash in front of the stage. But, there were many. Many papers, hand banners, and posters were on the floor. After being used in the concert, this property is being left by the fans. Based on what I notice the price is not affordable and even though it is a face of our idol. They should not step on it.

The fact that the fans do not really care about the trash is my concern, because it can affect the image of the artist or even the K-Pop itself. That’s what I am worried the most. I do hope that there will be more people in Indonesia who concerns and notice about this problem, especially in the concert venue.


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Broking The Queue

Sometimes human can be impatient. They can be impatient to fulfill what their needs and wants, especially if they do not get it in a faster length of time.

You must have been familiar with the method of queuing. The line is used to regulate people who wants to get something which cannot be provided directly. But the consumer needs to sacrifice their time in the line. In other words, the time for waiting is opportunity cost.

However, there are several people who be patient as the others and they tend to break the line, the purpose it to attain what they need and want immediately.

Sometimes, I broke the line too. One that I remembered was the queuing in the canteen. After buying the mineral water because the line was not clear enough, I went straight to the front and paid my water without paying attention to the line. Because I was in hurry and there is a chance to do so. Also, sometime the line was not clear, it was because there are some students who stood in front of the cashier even though they have done buying the food and drinks. Beside that, the line sometimes is not straight and covered by the students who talk to each other in the canteen.

I know that breaking the line is not good to be done frequently. But, I know the situation. It would not break any line or rules in the public services or public transportation. I would definitely obey it.

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Polite Language? Does it matters while Chatting?

You must had experience it before. When you have to send a chat or message to someone who does not really know you. Or it might be the first time you send a message to them.
Many of us use a super polite language when the first time we send a chat, especially to a lecture. However, some of us might does not really pay attention to these things, sometimes we might did not say the greetings and even using to many abbreviations.

In my case, I did chat my friends, my family, and my lecturers. However, I implemented some different ways for them. I will use many slang words and abbreviations while chatting with my friends and my brother. But, I would not use abbreviations and slang words to my lecturer. I tend to use more formal language to them, because it is not polite. Furthermore, lecturer is someone who is older than us.

But, there are some lectures who do not really pay attention to the formal language. So, I will try to speak more comfortable but still in a manner full way. Here, I am trying to act more friendly but still in the right positioning. The reason why I doing so is to make both of us comfortable in the conversation. I do not want to be considered as too rigid or stiff.

Based  on the case above, I will see the respond from the others. Usually after several chats I will try to use more comfortable language rather than but still in a polite way of speaking. Because while you doing a chat, you are not in a face to face position with your opponent. They read your message based on their intonation and if you write something which is unclear for your opponent, they might misunderstood your message. Therefore, the use of formal and informal language should be applied on a certain conditions.


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Is it A GROUP assignment?

This might be experienced with some students in a school or university. So, this might be a classic story that some students might feel during their study. Believe it or not, I am one of them.

As I am pursuing my study outside my hometown, I know exactly that there are many things that should be invested by my parents. A higher tuition fee, a higher living cost, or even they have sacrifice their feelings. As, they did all of these, I feel like I should be responsible enough for them.

I am not clever, but at least I put an effort in doing something. One thing that sometimes makes me down is when we do a group assignment. Usually the purpose of group assignment is as a preparatory stage, because in the working environment we will be worked in a group.

However, to be honest I would like to say that at the time when your team member does not want to contribute in the group, that is the most tiring moment. I cannot just ignore the assignment, because that is very important for me. Eventually, I divided the task, I guide the group, and ask the group to find information on the internet. But, they just simply copy and paste the information and I will end up editing many parts.

The most difficult times is when I have something to do with my organization and my group does not want to cooperate at all. I managed to do it step by step, but still it is very hard. Sometimes, I am wondering, is there anyone who I can rely on when I am falling?
I understand the essence of a group assignment, however if the one is willing to guide the members but the members do  not cooperate well, does the purpose of a group assignment is fulfilled?

There is the role of ethics and mindset here, because it is very hard to change a person mindset. it is not an easy thing to do. Hopefully, a group assignment will be more better, in terms of the rules and regulation.

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Ethical and Unethical, According to Cultural Differences

Sometimes when we are dealing with people who has different cultural background we might have a question, whether our action is suitable or not, according to their culture. We must act carefully because we do might put the others in uncomfortable situation. If you find a tourist in your place and you notice that their action is very different with your culture, you must feel shock and uncomfortable right? Therefore, we should respect the cultural differences. At the same time, we do have to hold our cultural values.

I lived in Bali for 17 years and decided to continue my study in Bekasi. I do not want to expose but I am very proud as a Balinese and I have many reasons for that. I am glad that I did not spent my youth in the traffic jam and metropolitan city, where I rarely find a tourism destination. In Bali, I can spotted many different cultures live in harmony every day. I can go to many places without being trapped in a traffic jam, and I get to see the beauty of Indonesian culture, especially Balinese culture.

When I started to live in Bekasi, most people were asking about my island origin. When I mentioned about Bali, they were very astonished. Most of them said that I must be good to live in Bali. But, I also have received a question that whether I get influenced too much by western culture or not, because as you know that I get to see this phenomenon every day and I can easily join them. For example, going to clubs, drinking alcohol, and so on.

As my respond to that question, I would like to tell you about several things and these are my point of view as a Balinese. First, people who lives in Bali strongly hold into their culture, the existence of many temples and several religious restriction is well implemented to the citizens. No matter the tourist wants to explore it, unfortunately we cannot let them. You might discover those sparkling and hype places and expensive recreation or entertainment. But it is being adapted and combined with the existing culture. For example, you cannot build more than four story building. Hence, our culture would not be left out.

The attracting point of our island is the culture itself, so why do we have to drown in the westernization, while the tourist are seeking for Indonesian who holds into their culture? That is why because of the strong culture and the cultural implementation since I was child, I know what my identity is. We have to respect, but on the other side if the different culture is not suitable with ours, we do not have to follow it.

It is hard to describe ethical and unethical from the cultural perspective, since every culture has their own value. But I know for sure that in facing the differences we should able to differentiate which one is can be implemented in our daily life and which one is just for our knowledge.

Apart from that, I remember that I had done something impolite in front of my mother’s guest. I did not about their culture well. Back then, I got a new friend from South Korea and his name was Kim Yong Jin. My mother used to call him Kim and without being realized I also called him by his family name. After, learning Korean language and culture, I realized that my action was very rude and impolite but Mr. Yong Jin did not take it very seriously back then. He warned me that I could not call a person with his family name only.

Based on my experience, we might have cultural difference and the differences can be a new knowledge for us. We might not implement the same thing in our place but we can respect and act carefully. In order to avoid the judgment of being ethical or unethical by the cultural differences.

-credit to the picture owner-

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Ethical Experience: Appreciation

Business Ethics Article

I know that I am not a perfect student. I have broken many rules and regulation during my school life. I did it on purpose, because sometimes I just feel something is not right. If I feel that way, my reaction is probably ignore the rules. For example, sometimes I disobey the teacher and the lecture. Also sometimes, I go against the rules and regulation from the campus. However, it is not very radical actually. Because I am not a type who really like to do a fatal mistake.

When I was in semester 1, I remembered that I had skipped a class because I want to do the other subject’s assignment. I decided to sacrifice a subject that usually ended earlier.  Back then, I was my mistake. It happened because I made mistakes in my time management, therefore I spent my time for doing something else instead finishing the homework. Therefore, I procrastinated doing my homework.

I realized that it was very unethical action. Because the teacher has allocate their time and willingness to share their knowledge and make us to learn something new. It was just me who made mistake by skipping the class.

That was one of my experience, but as I am getting older. This kind of character is not good to be developed. Apart from my unethical experience, I am trying to improve myself as a better student.

I am trying to do my assignment not by copy and paste, but I would rather use citation and paraphrase the words. This implementation could train me in learning to make a good sentence with the same meaning and at the same time, I appreciate the original writer’s effort to create the books, journal, thesis, and many more. That is why I do not just copy it right away. If I post something but I do not have any idea of the original source, I will mark it as copyright to the right owner. That is my way to appreciate them.

Doing an assignment perfectly is a way to appreciate our teacher or lecture. There are some reasons behind it. Our lecture might want to help us but the only way is giving an assignment. They will be the one who checked and read our assignment no matter how boring it is, to read student’s assignment that does not even meet their expectation. But, the lecture sometimes hold it and keep helping the students. As a student I would like to say thank you and I apologize for the mistake that I have done. I hope that I can be a better person in the future and keep improving. Thank you! I hope that the others would like to share the same thoughts with me.


pictures belong to the right owner

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Ethics: Contribution is a Form of Hapiness

This articles is made in partial fulfillment of Business Ethics subject.

In this world, we are not alone. As human being, humans are destined to live with the others. Sometimes, we need each other in this live. That is why, we called as social creature (zoon politicon), we communicate each and depend toward the other.

The other aspect of human being is we have emotion and feeling. Because of that sometimes human are being motivate to help the others because they can put themselves in the others position. It because they have an empathy. If you ever heard someone shouting for a help, you would like to come and help that person.

Back then,  my mother became a Balinese dancing- teacher as her part-time job yet she has her own full-time job. After she worked in the government office, she would take me to the one of the orphanage and a hotel in in my hometown.  Because it was where my mother taught the dance.

I was a child back then.  I did not really understand why would she do all of this, although she had a job. But still she taught the Balinese dance in some places that was quite far from our house. First, we would go to the orphanage. When my mother taught the movements to the orphan children, they enjoyed the lesson. Even during the break they were playing and trying to memorize the movement. Today, I could say ‘how cute they are’. They were still young an innocent and happily dancing with the others, although they had to realize the fact that their parents were none.

When I was child, I thought that my mother took me to these pleases, because she just wanted to teach the dance for me as well. But now, I know that she wanted to show me various kind of environments. She wanted to show that there are many people out there which requires more attention. To sum up, there many people whose life is in unfortunate condition and I should be grateful that I have a comfortable life, physically and emotionally.

During the practice time, my mom also told me to teach the children. Because I was old enough to do so. I really enjoy it. I talked to them, I laughed with them, I learned with them, and I socialized with them. There was no border between us.

On the other place, it was in the hotel. As Bali were known for the culture and tradition, sometimes there were children performers who needs a training and in this hotel my mother took the occupation to train these performers. Sometimes, there are some tourist who joined us.

 Based on what I saw, these children has better live and economic condition than the kids in the orphanage. Even their parents were coming when they performed.  They also got their pocket money as well, because back then my mother and I also made snacks to be sold for the performers. It was really amusing and worthy experience.

However, the similarity between the orphanage kids and the children performers is they both children who need to learn culture. As my mother has ability to teach about Balinese-dancing, she took the job. Although dancing is one of a tiring activity but she did it.

Now, I can understand that helping someone who needs your help and you are able to help them is a form of happiness. You will be more enjoy if you can do something which is your capability. Because every little help that we give to someone who deserved it, means so much to them.

What about us? We may get or do not get something in return directly. But for sure when you contribute to someone’s live, you will get a peaceful live. The best thing for getting a peaceful live you can make someone else also happy and that is what makes you happy emotionally. You get to interact with the others and see them laughing. That is happiness.

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Ethics: It Starts with You!


Kadek Indrya is the youngest in her family. Currently, she is studying as 7th semester of management student President University and concentrates on Marketing study. As she grew up in Bali and decided to continue her study in Jakarta, she trains herself to become more independent, initiative, and responsible.

During her study in President University, she managed to maintain her GPA and participate several in organizations and events at the same time. Now, she is a part of Management Major Association or commonly known as PUMA Management. The organization trains her to learn more about the organizational culture and working with many people. It does examine her public speaking and solving problem skill, also her critical thinking.

Apart from her organizational life, Kadek and her team has challenged themselves to join external competition and managed to secure a place. As a university student, Kadek likes to experience something new, especially a work that combines strategy and art. She is interested in something like brand management, marketing communication, tourism and art, entertainment, and foreign culture.

On my point of view, I believe that being responsible is very important whenever, wherever, and whatever you do. For me being responsible can bring a domino effect for the other good values in yourself. Could you imagine the world or even our campus filled with many responsible individuals?

Becoming responsible can means “state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone” or “the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization”. There are many character that can be developed from becoming responsible, such as more caring, more willing, more initiative, risk-taking, and many more. If people can be more responsible towards their surroundings, then there is a hope for a better changing in the society.

First of all, I am not a perfect human being who can give a judgment for people, but here I am trying to speak up. As now, I am taking marketing concentration. I need to be responsible for studying marketing-related subject and responsible to convince my parents about my decision. It also works in organization.

As a part of organization, there will be a certain condition where we have to make a decision either with enough or rare information. Therefore, every single decision that you have made is your responsibility. Whether it will bring a positive effect or negative effect. But you still can strive and do the best to make your decision become the best thing that you make. Many people are afraid in decision making, are they afraid of taking responsibilities? The important thing as a part of organization is the art working with the others. Sometimes the decision making involves many individuals. Thus, the risk can be implemented together, because we take some opinions before taking the choice.

However, I find some problems lately. It is about willingness. Do we lack of person who wants to take a responsibility? Without a willingness to create something, there is no one who will responsible for anything and there will be no changes. I do expect everyone will be responsible enough and start doing something that can change their environment. It could be more caring towards the nature, be discipline when putting the rubbish. We can start from a very simple daily activities.

Also, as I said before that I am not perfect it means that I also have done some mistakes. But, if it is related with my duties and my parents, I am pretty sure that I will do my best. Because my duties will bring impact to the others according to how I do my duties. When you made up your choice and being responsible for it, then it will become your duties.